Work and New Hampshire.  

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I've been pretty busy with work. In fact, I worked all day Saturday and Sunday and I think I ended up working 42 out of the 48 hours. So, I don't even know that I can post something noteworthy. I was in some parts of New Hampshire I haven't been to yet, like Hampton, which is a gorgeous town. It's pretty popular during the summer as it is on the coast, but during the late fall and winter, it is nearly dead. Lots of the coastal towns and touristy places in the state and New England area are like this.

We had a good snow last week but it went away after a few days. This morning I had to hit the road early in the morning and there was this really slippery slush that had fallen. The snow here is much thicker and heavier than Idaho. When it's cold, it feels much colder than Idaho. A bitter bitter cold. You will look outside and think you are okay to go without gloves, or an extra layer or two and then realize you should've work long john pants under your jeans. You don't get that in Idaho, so it's been an interesting learning experience.


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