The realization of aloneness.  

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As we get closer and closer to Christmas, the realization that I will be spending it alone becomes more and more real. The benefits of moving around a lot and to diverse places come with a lot of costs. I love the Christmas season; the movies, Christmas lights, music, decorations, shopping, the kindness of people that is made more manifest, and just the overall feeling. But you can only enjoy all of the aforementioned so much when you are forced to celebrate it alone.

So, I anticipate celebrating Christmas Eve and Christmas much the same as Thanksgiving. Getting a hotel room in city/town I enjoy and trying to relax a bit and hoping that next year, it won't be like this.

Now before everyone starts feeling really sorry for me, don't. Being alone on holidays comes with the territory of this type of work. I know that I am sacrificing for something greater than enjoying the holidays fully. I am living an adventure and adventures aren't supposed to be all kicks and giggles.


Spent many holidays apart from loved ones during my time in the Marine Corps. I know it's no fun but it does make the ones you do get to spend with loved ones that much more special.

Thanks, MG.

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