Republican Debate, 2 hours of pure heaven.  

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I thought Mitty and Giu might start throwing some punches. I cannot stand Giu, but boy did I love him when he started talking about the sanctuary mansion in Mass (referring to the fact that illegal immigrants worked for Mitty).

I thought it was hilarious that Mr. Sexy (Andersoon Cooper) brought up the Politico breaking story about Giu billing obscure agencies for travel that very well could've been travel for Giu to visit his mistress at the time. Ok, really, is there any doubt he was using these trips to visit his mistress?

Tancredo and Hunter should just drop out. Ron Paul keeps receiving applause for advocating that our troops withdraw from Iraq (not surprising, a majority of Republicans favor a pullout within 6 months). McCain is serious and presidential and schooled Mitty for not taking a stand against torture in the form of waterboarding. I mean, the Mormon Church has spoken out against torture (they have basically said it is never okay) and yet Mitty can't agree?

Huck (Mike Huckabee) will continue his climb in the polls and could very well be an upset winner in Iowa and South Carolina and maybe more.

Thompson is half-dead but still provided some enjoyment with his ad going after Mitty and Huck and when the cartoon Dick Cheney asked a question, Thompson's response was AWESOME!!! Hmmm, can't find a youtube video of it.

So all in all, I would have to say this has been, by far, the best debate. Thank you, Republicans, for trying to eat eachother alive.


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