Greetings from Seattle!  

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Well, I've been spending the last few days moving things from Federal Way to Seattle. Things have gone relatively well, except my beloved couch I picked out at Macy's couldn't fit into the elevator or the stairwell. 

After much thought, I have decided to get the identical loveseat that is a bit shorter. But, it won't be here for another month. However, the matching chair and ottoman get here this Friday! I am trying to decide if I want to rent a loveseat for a few weeks or just wait it out. I think I'll wait it out.

The view from the condo I'm renting is magnificent. Words can't describe and pictures don't do it justice. 

I'm gonna keep this short, but be on the lookout from pictures of my new place, my write up of the Al Gore-Chris Gregoire fundraiser I attended, and my thoughts on really truly living in Seattle and not just a "bedroom community" of Seattle.

And if you haven't voted yet, don't vote for Dino Rossi. The group I work for has been successful and Dino will be deposed this Wednesday. He is a crook, a liar, and scum. 


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