For the Love of God, Do NOT Vote for Dino Rossi.  

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I swear to God, if Dino wins I will move out of this state. It has been said that how one runs a campaign is how one would govern. If that is true for Dino Rossi, then everyone in Washington should be shaking in their shoes. He runs a campaign that uses fear and intimidation against anyone they perceive won't vote for him, including women. 

This is a man who holds very few public events, and when he holds them, he intimidates people who try to take pictures, audio, or video, including using physical force. I have yet to see him take a question from a member of the public. He wants to be our Governor, yet he won't take our questions? Even John McCain would take questions from people who knew weren't happy with him. 

He has connections to groups that have broken the law and are under investigation by the Republican Attorney General in Washington. He has been bought and paid for by special interests. 

Governor Gregoire is no saint, but she has fought hard to give health insurance to poor children, give more funding to better our schools, and make our air and water cleaner. 

For those of who who point to our deficit, we don't have a deficit. Under the Washington State Constitution, you cannot have a deficit, our government must balance the budget and not carry a deficit. 

If you haven't voted yet, don't vote for Dino Rossi. He is as conservative as George W. Bush, he is no friend to anyone who doesn't agree with him 100%, and he has engaged in highly questionable behavior, including grabbing an underage female's behind while he was a State Senator. 


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