Do NOT Vote for Dino Rossi.  

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This message is for my friends and family especially, but also for anyone who has the chance to vote for Dino Rossi. DO NOT DO IT. As my friend, family member, neighbor, or blog reader, do not vote for this man. 

Listen, I know people aren't too thrilled with Governor Gregoire. She doesn't have the warmest personality, she got a little too excited with state spending, and she hasn't lived up to expectations. But, she is dealing with a mess that is almost unheard of. 

This country is in the midst of a widescale and profound recession, deepened by our involvement in a endless war that costs this country, including Washington State, over $10 billion dollars a month. A MONTH. Ten BILLION. No state in this country is immune from this national and now international economic crisis. 

As a sex abuse victim, I am horrified that Dino Rossi and his associates would use the fear of sex offenders as a campaign tactic. The fact is that since Governor Gregoire became Governor, the number of "missing" sex offenders has decreased. The fact is that many law enforcement officials have come forward and said that Governor Gregoire has done much to catch, find, and track sex offenders. I am proud of what she has done and I am proud that I will cast my first Washington State ballot precisely so I can vote for her. 

Check in this weekend for my personal encounter with Dino Rossi and hear how his campaign and Dino Rossi himself uses fear and intimidation tactics to scare women (this happened to me tonight).


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