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Though I attend a rival university, so to speak, I have always liked and respected Boise State University. Not necessarily for their sports programs, but I think it is a nice university in an awesome city.

Someone whom I can't name, nor specify who they are, has been asking me to move to Boise when I graduate in May. I have seriously considered it because I love Boise. In fact, tonight I did a job search online just to see what is out there and was surprised to see that Boise had about 170 more jobs listed than Salt Lake City, another city I would like to move to. This doesn't mean much by itself, but I think it is a piece of evidence that shows the impressive growth of Boise.

While I was in Seattle, I was visiting with my dad who told me him and my step-mom have looked at moving to Boise eventually...I was surprised to say the least, but excited to know I might not always be so far away from at least one set of my parents.

Anyways, back to Boise State-CONGRATS! I don't claim that I am from Idaho, I am quite different than most Idahoans, and I value the diversity I was raised around in the Seattle area. However, tonight I am extra proud to live in Idaho, but you still won't get me to claim Idaho. I am a proud Washingtonian, through and through.

When Idaho ceases to have a enormous population of white supremacists, when the voters in Idaho stop electing idiots like Tom Luna, Ken Andrus, Butch Otter, etc...then you will see me claiming Idaho, but always mentioning my birthplace of Seattle.


I'm confused, was that a compliment? :)

HA! It was a sorta compliment...I am one step closer to claiming Idaho...how's that?

I guess that'll do...

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