The ISU Student Senate Is An Embarrassment  

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I don't even know if I can type what I witnessed tonight. It was sickening and had one senator, who I now love, remark that the Senate was acting tyrannical. One senator said they should vote yes because they haven't really done much and they needed to do something. As if doing something stupid redeems them from not really doing much at all. I would much rather have a do-nothing senate than a senate who makes asinine decisions.

I wasn't so disappointed that they want to raise tuition to pay for a nice Reed Gym, I was disappointed that the Senate sees no problem with voting this way and not letting the student body vote on it. In fact, several Senators specifically stated they didn't want the students to vote on it. One Senator basically said she didn't trust the students to sift through the misinformation out there about the issue and the student body couldn't be relied on to make an intelligent vote (not in those words, exactly). Another senator said they (the Senate) should be the only ones to vote on it because they were the most informed. At first, I was semi okay with that statement, then, when I started thinking about it, it sounded really elitist.

Well, hopefully this makes sense. I'll post a link to The Bengal article when it comes out regarding the meeting tonight.


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