Martin Luther King NAACP Dinner  

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Last night I attended the Pocatello branch of the NAACP's Martin Luther King Jr. Dinner. There was good food, great company, excellent speakers, singing, and poetry. It is not often you attend a formal dinner and attendees are not only welcome to yell out, "amens," and "yeahs", it's encouraged. It was awesome!

I was pleasantly surprised that the keynote speaker, a Republican, spoke out against the war, by stating he thinks we are losing it, and spoke out against the Administration, which led us into war. It was certainly an interesting evening.

I spoke with a certain person, who shall remain nameless, but one who described themself as a "reluctant supporter" of Luna, who stated that they are just waiting until he screws up, and they think he will screw up big time. I told this person about Luna's firings, and how it is unheard of for an incoming Superintendent to fire that many people, including firing "support staff." Usually a Superintendent fires a couple of people, but 19 (?), hasn't happened...not to mention the 7 (?) that resigned. Clearly many people in the SDoE feel uneasy with Luna at the helm.

I was touched and impressed that Pocatello Mayor Roger Chase declared that January 13-19 would be Martin Luther King Jr. week.

A post about my hero, Dr. King, will be forthcoming. But right now, I am spending all of my free time watching Prison Break season 1.


I appreciate your commentary on the event. I'm sure it was great.

I mean no disrespect to the event or to the man it honored, but I find it distasteful that an event meant to honor a very influential man found it appropriate to use that forum to further a political agenda. I am referring to the keynote speaker's remarks concerning the war. I understand that Mr King spoke out against the Vietnam War, and that is being related to current events. However, I think his memory would be better served talking about and honoring him, and not current political ideologies.

I think it is incredibly asinine to make a comment based on a speech you didn't hear, a speech that was given by a staunch Republican, and one that focused on the NAACP, MLK, race, racism, etc...and had only two or three comments that only a political diehard would catch.

I mentioned them only because I think it is interesting that Republicans are now facing the truth. I think 98% of the attendees missed the jabs and considering how MLK spoke out against Vietnam, I think it is very appropriate and would be a disservice to NOT mention the current war.

You're right, I didn't hear the speech. I only read what you chose to write about it, which was the political part. I don't care if 90% of the people didn't catch the references, that doesn't really make it right in my eyes.

Does everything have to be political? Can't we just use the day set aside for Mr. King to actually honor him, and not distract from it by playing politics?

Everything about MLK was political, I don't see the problem with making a speech about him political.

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