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I started classes on Monday. I am pretty stoked about my schedule. This might end up as one of my most favorite semesters because I am taking some awesome classes from some kick ass professors.

I am taking Speech 554: Management Communication
Political Science 613: Seminar: American Political Behavior
And then I am doing an Independent Study with a professor who is teaching the Spirit of the 60's class and since I consider myself a "neo hippy", I thought it would be fitting to take this class. So I will take the class and the professor will design the requirements for me since it is only offered as an undergraduate level course and I need graduate level credits...make sense?

College Dems will meet tomorrow to begin our semester and I anticipate some exciting things happening. At our end of the semester pizza party we decided to spend each month focused on a population we would like to give service to. For instance, we came up with low-income/poor, elderly, animals, veterans, etc...
We will also be discussing t-shirts/sweatshirts, and the Frank Church Banquet that is coming up quickly! Last semester I spoke with the editor at The Bengal and we agreed to debate the College Republicans through weekly articles in the paper. Last I heard, the College Republicans hadn't agreed to debate us, but we hope they do so students can learn more about each party.

I will definately blog some more as there are many exciting things happening in these first 100 hours!


Wait. Your College Dems actually want to debate the College Republicans? That is amazing! If only your buddies up at BYU Idaho had the same desire! I think they are afraid.

Funny Funny, anon. Apparently the last time there was a debate between the two clubs at ISU, the Democrats destroyed the Repubs.

Taunting Democrats for being afraid, while hiding behind "Anonymous".

Not cool.

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