The Iraq War  

Posted by Jessica

I am currently enrolled in a doctoral level seminar class-American Political Behavior. We are spending the semester writing a paper and every few weeks turn in certain parts of the paper. I decided to study the Iraq War, surprise surprise.

What I will look at in my paper is the interplay between the media's coverage of the war and the declining support for the war. I think I might also include certain "milestones" and see if reaching these milestones had any effect on the public's support for the war.

If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions, I am open to hearing from you. I want this paper to be good enough to publish!


Very interesting. I would be interested in reading it, if you don't mind. Are you focusing on the role that media has played in the general public support of the war?

I am looking at the Chicago Tribune and NYT and seeing how much they wrote about the war from 2003-2006. I take headlines which include "Iraq war" and then code them into positive, negative, and neutral/indistinguishable. Then I am going to look at public opinion and see if there is any connection.

I might also take milestones in the war (500 dead American soldiers, 1000, 1500, etc) and I will see if media coverage changed and/or public opinion.

This isn't all set in stone, but this is what I am leaning towards. Also just doing a basic comparison between a "liberal"/NYT and "conservative"/CT paper and how much of their coverage is positive, negative, etc...

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