ISU Students Vote on Reed Gym Upgrade  

Posted by Jessica

By Jeff Robinson

Today and tomorrow, students at Idaho State University are voting whether to support a $12 million expansion to the school's gym.

The upgrade would double the size of the weight room and cardio room at Reed Gym. It would also nearly double student fees, increasing them from $29 a semester to $56. "We've had a decline in enrollment the last two semesters," said graduate student Jessica Cavalieri, "and the students didn't really have any input on what the Reed Gym options would be, and I think the students should have an input."

Click here for the rest of the article and for the video of me talking.


You're a TV star!

Good job on the interview. :-)

HA! I think the camera added all ten pounds to my face! I am sure the hat didn't help.

Reed Gym didn't pass. YAY!

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