ISU's Student Organizations Fair  

Posted by Jessica

Today at ISU was the spring Student Organizations Fair. Of course the College Dems had a table, but surprise suprise, so did the College Republicans. They were giving away the book, "Who's Deceiving The Liberals" as well as color pamphlets on why they should join the College Repubs and a short story that was utterly ridiculous. I might just have to find it and post it here for some good laughs. Anyway, Planned Parenthood of Idaho was on campus today giving away free condoms and other stuff and they were placed next to the College Republicans table! It was hilarious and I think some of the College Republicans wet themselves when they saw PPI coming their way.

A member of the College Dems approached the president of the College Repubs and asked why they hadn't answered The Bengal's Editor in Chief's request for each club to submit an article about an issue (education, environment, etc) each week. The president said he was too busy (aren't we all?). Apparently their club only has one member, the president, who is willing to write a short article in the paper that talks about what the Republicans stand for! And apparently he doesn't see fit to present the idea to his membership to see if anyone is willing to contribute. Last semester when the president wrote an article, it was so full of lies, half-truths and distortions, I had to laugh. He was blaming the small number of Democrats in the legislature on the state of education in Idaho. How does that make any sense? He also said the recession started under Clinton, actually, Mr. College Repubs President, it did not.

Another member of the College Dems asked the College Repubs what they do...the girl, a member of the club, said they helped Republicans during the election season and they do community service. When probed about what community service they have done, she couldn't name anything. I'm not really surprised, the College Repubs always seem to self-destruct and they don't really do anything, which might explain why they only have $300 in their account and why the College Dems have almost 10x that amount.


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