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My opinion, copied and pasted from a Facebook wall post I left for a friend:

I like Edwards WAY MORE than any of the other candidates. But his wife's cancer has returned and while he is stating his campaign will resume, I don't know if that will be still be true in the future.

Personally, I like Hillary, I just don't think she is electable at this point in time. While she is painted as a total liberal, she is actually very moderate and I think she is way too much of a politician, ala Mitt Romney. I also get the politician vibe from Obama.

I guess I like Edwards because he doesn't come across as a politician as much as he does as a human being who truly cares for humanity.

I like Gore somewhat, but he is now coming across as a one trick pony-global warming.

And Edwards is hot-that's gotta count for something.


I like Gore too, but wait until Gore's new book about the Constitution and Bush's shredding of it comes out.

He's rewriting the last chapter right now due to the latest scandals from the White House.

It's important to vote for pretty people, pretty democrat people that is. If I'm going to watch press conferences over good tv, I want to see pretty. Um, yea, I'm shallow.

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