Do Hypocrites Deserve Protection?  

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As many of you know, Dan Popkey of The Idaho Statesman, has spent the last few weeks trying to find information about Larry Craig's homosexual activities. From what I have heard, rumors of Larry Craig being gay date back many many years, but it has always been just a rumor.

Several months ago, Mike Rogers, a gay man who has outed a few gay politicians, went on the Ed Schultz show and said that Larry Craig was gay and that he had spoken to a few men who had sexual relations with Larry Craig. However, none of these men came forward and this rumor stayed a rumor. Nevertheless, Mike Rogers stated that he was willing to go to court over what he had--interesting...

With the outing of gay politicians, a debate rages on-is it okay to "out" people? You have two dominant thoughts-no, it is NEVER okay, not even when the politician does everything he/she can to discriminate against gay people, and yes, it is okay when you are outting someone who is like Larry Craig-someone who has done everything asked of him to fight against granting gay people equal rights.

Today this argument occurred between a friend and I. She is gay and feels it is not okay to use someone's sexual preference to "bring them down." Generally, I would agree. However, I don't believe in protecting someone who has lived their life as a hypocrite and participated in actions designed to malign and marginalize a segment of our population.

But is the argument really that simple? Does it come down to protecting someone versus bringing them down? What are your thoughts on outing?


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