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sarahbellum, I've had some mighty rude visits from Utah Democrats. Sarah, thank you for being kind. I've forwarded you Rob's emails. I've also sent an email with his comment on a blog post I made several weeks ago.

I guess I am going to have to leave the moderated comments feature on because I can't trust that an unmoderated comments feature will not be abused. How sad.

And I just can't believe how vicious Democrats are. Especially Democrats that are LDS. And really, how do people have so much time to spend to harass me? I'm a nobody in Pocatello, Idaho!

I guess I should take this all as a compliment. None of these people have met me and clearly none of them have googled me or know anything about my story, aside from the small details I provided recently. Ah well.

Since I'm such a coward, I'll continue trying to improve the world in my cowardly ways.


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