26 Years Old  

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Tomorrow I turn 26 years old. I haven't been as excited about my birthday because two of my best friends who were here last year moved away and another person, who was just as much my best friend as the two who moved away, won't speak to me because I was terribly immature and mean to her. That friendship only exists in some distant hope that someday we will be reconciled and maybe we can laugh about how terribly stupid 20-something year olds are and my, don't we wish we could've let bygone's be bygone's because friendship is worth fighting for?

Had someone told me a year ago that I would lose one close friendship, my two best friends would move away, and I would meet two of the most amazing friends (my "yellow team" friends), I wouldn't have believed you. Not to mention two other friendships that flourished last semester.

Tonight I was reminiscing about the last year and my friend (one of the "amazing" friends I mentioned above, and someone who exudes kindness) called me. She invited me over to dinner tomorrow for my birthday. Have you ever had something happen that was exactly what you needed and PERFECT timing? Yeah, that phone call was that. I never cease to be amazed by the kindess people show me.

This afternoon, when I got home from an ASISU meeting to secure intial funding for the College Dems for the next school year, I was shocked to see a large box in front of my door. I was even more shocked to open it and see flowers (see above picture) from my mom, step-dad, and brother. Aren't they beautiful? Thanks, fam! If you live in Pocatello and know where I live, you can drive by and see them in my front window.


Happy Birthday! And best friendships do last. My best friend of 41 yrs. just spent her spring break with me and we visited the Canadian Rockies together. Although we don't see each other frequently, we felt as close as we were in high school. Amazing!

Thanks! Yeah, I remember reading about your best friend visiting. That is amazing that your friendship has lasted for so long. I know many of the friends I have will be friends forever.

Happy birthday! Enjoy the great flowers.

Happy late B-day and congrats on finishing your grad. requirements!

okay, so I said late b-day thinking the b-day was yesterday...that's what "old age" will do for ya. Something to look forward to.

Birthday was yesterday, on tax day. Thanks, everyone. My friend came over that night and thought my flowers were fake, they look too good to be true!

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