Cheney To Speak At BYU  

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I should've written about this earlier, but I was too sickened to really want to think about it enough to write something. He is speaking at the commencement ceremony for BYU on April 26th and I've read that he invited himself to speak, that he simply initiated the discussion, and that BYU invited him. So, which is it? (I would just love to link to this post at the largest Mormon blog. And can I please get that bumper sticker, Bishop?)

Today, my fellow Mormon Democrats at BYU protested his upcoming visit by having a sit-in (one of the pictures from the SL Tribune is above). Over 200 students attended the protest, even some Republicans. One sign read, "Subversive liberal anti-establishment anarchists? But I'm a Republican!" Another, "Republican against Cheney." Hell yes.

For the last several days, I've been following the petition against Cheney's visit that is here. Their initial goal was 500 signatures and right now they have 3,268. I think my signature was around the 2200 area.

So, the aforementioned should give you a brief idea of what's been taking place in regards to his visit. Is it horrible that I badly wish for some people to attend the commencement and participate in some civil disobedience? Something ala Code Pink, like this, or better yet, this? And someday I am just going to devote a whole post to the brilliance of Code Pink and its members and how awesome they are (and smart, they get into so many Republican events!).

I am just very disappointed that Cheney is speaking at BYU. I think the article from the SL Tribune that I linked to above that contains the feelings of many conveys how I feel.


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