Has Hell Frozen Over?  

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So I know I am going to catch some flack for what I am about to post, but I feel very strongly about this. I was talking to a friend of a mine, a Republican. Not just any Republican, not a Neo-Con, but a true blue Republican, a "disenfranchised Conservative." Disenfranchised because he is upset with many decisions that have been made by the Republican Party and this corrupt and criminal Bush Administration. We were talking about careers and I told him he should run for office. I think he should run because he is a good kind of Republican. He isn't caught up in defending policies and beliefs based on emotions and what his clergyman told him to do. He believes what he believes because he thinks it is what is best. What is best, what is right, and what works is subject to our own biases, our own worldview, and no two people can agree on a definition.

However, when you have someone who isn't looking out for themself, who wants what is best for the people, and who can see past party lines and ideology to find a ground we can all meet on and work to improve the world, you have a candidate who deserves support from the other side of the aisle. This person, a Republican in every sense of the word, has my support and I would be honored to assist him in any way possible. I hope he runs because I know of no other person in the world who has more potential than he does.


Sounds like my kind of Republican -- I'm not sure how well he'd do if he plans on running in an Idaho Republican primary, though.

I know, that is what is sad. I don't think he would run in Idaho...

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