I am ashamed of the ASISU student Senate...  

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and I told them so last night. I spoke for about 10 minutes and told the student Senate that they have not represented students, that students are disenfranchised, and that what they have done is despicable. I read them the definition of cronyism and said that they have pissed off students so much this year that next year they will "watch every move you make." I said a lot of things, most of which won't make much sense to you, my readers, because you probably don't realize what has been done in our name here at ISU.

But I do want to say that I did thank the Senators who have represented students and I specifically named one Senator, though a former Senator as she resigned last semester. I spoke of this Senator, Senator Rowe, and said that students were sad when she resigned and that she will go down in the history of "this university" as one of the best senator's we have ever had. I ended by saying "shame on you" to the Senate and went off a little bit more and then I passed out thank you cards to the Senator's who had tried to represent students, though some of them had horrid votes...

I want to get the audio of the meeting and if I get this, I can provide more details. Also, since the cat is now out of the bag, the student newspaper, The Bengal, is publishing an article I wrote. It will be in tomorrow's Bengal and is quite long. I don't know if I want to post the whole thing all at once (over 1600 words) or if I want to break it up into a few posts. I addressed student government as a whole, then each branch of student government, so I could break it up into smaller pieces. Any suggestions would be great.

Oh yes, before I forget, I have received one response from a Senator. She is technically my Senator (Senate from Graduate Studies). She was offended that I pointed her out (though not by name) when I stated that "my Senator" hasn't represented me and therefore I have had to adopt other Senators, at which point I looked at two specific Senators, who are now also dear friends of mine.

Lest I am accused of favoring friends who are Senators, again, know that these two only became friends of mine in February, after they had my support in their bid to become the next ASISU President and Vice-President. They are amazingly wonderful and my fear for the future of student representation is eased when I realize that they will be here next year, though not involved in ASISU directly.


Thank you, Jessica. I haven't read the article yet, but I trust you were honest and passionate. My feelings about ASISU are much the same as yours, though I can't seem to muster the energy to deal with the mess any longer. When the system pushes away the students, discourages the true leaders, and ruins the democratic process it is time for a higher entity to step in. I wish ISU would be wise enough to recognize this runaway train and prevent the trainwreck, but unfortunately it may be too later.

Thank you for your kind words though my resignation clearly illustrated that I am not the leader others would have liked me to be.

Stop it, please. You were the leader we all wanted. Your resignation was an act of strength that I respect, truly I do. I even stated last night that I don't know how you put up with it all for so long anyways.

You were a model Senator and you still are. There is a reason 8 Senators all voted for you for Senator of the Year. You are respected by many and no one thinks any less of you because you needed to step down to attend to other matters.

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