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In case you don't know what comps are, they are comprehensive exams that a student takes, usually towards the end of their program of study. In my case, I had to take and pass my comprehensive exams to graduate with my Master's Degree in Public Administration. When I turned in my comps (I had to test in 5 out of my 6 core classes), I was given a case. I have 2 weeks to do a case study on this case using all of the knowledge I have gained from my graduate work. So, I am not quite done yet. But I went over the biggest hurdle!


Congrats, and good luck on the case.

You rock!

Good job!

Congratulations honey!!! We continue to be very proud of you. One step closer to the "real world". Love you, mom


Thanks Cameron, Bubblehead, MG, Ma, and Tara.

Fantastic! When are you running for office? We need some youthful insight in today's political world!

I might run for office someday. Probably not until I move and am settled in my new location.

Congratulations! That is a great feeling....what an accomplishment.

Thanks, Chris. I'm excited.

congratulations and good luck!

BSU's program doesn't have comps or a final case study like that, just a 'capstone' course.

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