4 Of The Biggest Windows Ever.  

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They say that when a door closes, a window opens, and I would say that when one friendship ends or weakens, another is born or strengthened. For me, it has been 4 friendships that have become stable and constant good forces in my life. One strengthened last fall, one was born November 7th, and two were born when I sent a simple email offering to help two unknown women with a campaign on campus. Thank God four windows opened up for me.

This morning I was given an opportunity to participate in something this weekend. Something that will take me away from Pocatello this weekend and away from a close friend, perhaps my closest friend at this point in time, and someone who needs me right now.

Before I agreed to leave town, I called this friend, one of my windows, and asked if she would be okay with me gone. She said she would and that she would be angry if I didn't leave town this weekend. She spends her weekdays in Rexburg and weekends here, so I don't see her during the week. :( I miss her terribly during the week but her internship is up in five weeks and then she might move in for a few weeks until she can move into her apartment. I hope to turn her from a Republican to a Democrat. Wish me luck!

Those who know me know that I am a passionate political junkie and the fact that I am torn about leaving town to attend a political event because I don't want to abandon a friend when she needs me should tell you that I am loyal to my friends, though some former friends might beg to differ!

So I guess tonight I realized that me being torn isn't a bad thing, it's a good thing because politics shouldn't be my whole life and that the great friends I have will almost always take precedence over an event and had my friend asked me to stay in town, I wouldn't have hesitated in turning down my plans because friends and family are the most important things in our lives.

We know a friend is a true friend when they get mad at us because we turn down something we truly love to be with them or when we at least show that we are willing to skip something to just be there in support. They want us to experience the event more than be a shoulder for them to cry on.


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