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My job search has been, well, interesting. I interviewed with a private social services agency in Idaho Falls under the assumption that they have clients ready to be worked with so I could start, if they wanted to hire me, immediately. Nope, that wasn't the case. They don't have any infrastructure setup in Pocatello and the earliest they would be ready is in at least 5-6 weeks.

I've been spending my time job searching via the Idaho Department of Labor and Commerce, the State of Idaho's human resource website, ISU's Career Center website, I've been checking the city and county's job listings (both rarely list anything above a laborer or acquatics instructor), ISU's website listing job openings with the university, Career Builder, yet all of their job listings are for these bullcrap internet type jobs, or jobs with the National Guard (no thanks!), and some various agencies personal websites. The only place I haven't regularly been checking is the local paper's classifieds. I guess I could, but I check just about everything else and I am probably not missing anything by not checking the Idaho State Journal.

The problem with getting a Master's degree at my age, though I am no spring chicken, is that I haven't been able to build up my resume. The jobs I want are either far far away (Washington D.C.) or I am not quite qualified for them.

I was talking to a friend last night on MSN messenger and he asked if I had applied for any political jobs. Being in Pocatello, I don't have a great selection of political jobs to choose from and until it is closer to the 2008 election, I can't really do much political work. However, I would love to assist any candidates with any campaign work that is needed in this area of the state or wherever I am when they need it.

So, I will keep searching and I will let you all know when I find something, if that ever happens!


What is a private social services agency? As in non-profit? Or are they trying to make money off of giving services away?

Nope, most of the agencies are for profit. They provide services that are reimbursed through medicaid, such as psychosocial rehab, intensive behavioral intervention, partial care, clinical therapy, etc. So yes, they are making money off of medicaid.

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