Last Day.  

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In around an hour, I take my last test at Idaho State University. It is my final in Management Communication. I didn't take the class because it fulfilled a particular requirement. Basically, I needed an extra 3 credits/1 class and I wanted to take something that would benefit me in a career. This class, while geared towards the private sector, did benefit me and I learned a great deal.

Yesterday I went and picked up my tassel (peacock color), cap, gown, and hood. My cap is WAY too small. I will look like a fool if I can't get a bigger size or if cutting the back (which will look stupid but less stupid than wearing it as is) won't help make it fit better. When I go to the graduation practice today, I am hoping they have an extra cap that will fit my large head. Cross your fingers!

My parents all get into town tomorrow. They could've been here today but every room in every hotel/motel in Pocatello is booked and has been booked for the last few weeks. There is a baseball tournament and nothing was available. So, my mom and step-dad are flying into Salt Lake City in a few hours and will stay in Ogden tonight then head up here tomorrow morning.
My dad and grandma are driving from Auburn, Washington (suburb of Seattle) and will stay in Boise tonight and head up here tomorrow morning.

My dad, who is one of those parents who loves the college bookstores, is so excited to take me to ISU's tomorrow morning. When I received my Bachelor's degree, he purchased a frame at the bookstore that is especially made for ISU. So, tomorrow he is letting me pick out one for my Master's.

Well, I suppose I should get back to studying and to the two msn messenger conversations I have going.


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