Switching banks, who is good?  

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I've banked with Washington Mutual for 8 years but their claims of superior customer service are just that, claims. I've banked with Bank of America as well since I got a car loan through them, but I only used them to make car payments, but my car loan is through someone else now. I find the Bank of America local branch has long lines and I am not totally sold on banking with them 100% yet.

Who do you bank with? Who should I switch to? I am just looking for a checking account, one that doesn't require a minimum balance or anything special. A debit card is a must, as I only write 2-3 checks a month (rent and car payment). I live across the street from Idaho Central Credit Union, which is nice, but I haven't heard anything about them. I have a lot of friends who use US Bank, but that doesn't mean much. Idaho State University has a credit union but I have never used a credit union before.



I've had pretty good luck with Wells Fargo; they don't have a fee as long as you have direct deposit, and seem to have a lot of ATM locations.

I don't even have anybody doing direct deposits into my account. I have heard good and bad things about Wells Fargo...so I am torn about them.

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