Moving sucks!  

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I miss my friends already and packing is tedious and never ending.

I have acquired way too many items and find myself in a position where I need to sell/get rid of most of it. I will have to rent a storage unit for my things and don't want to pay a lot of money for that and need to cut down. If I had a truck, I would pack up a lot of it and take it to Seattle to store with my parents, but I have a little sedan and renting a U-Haul is way too expensive.

Today is my garage/moving sale. I am getting rid of all of my furniture except my rocking chair my dad refinished for me. It was the rocking chair my mom rocked me in when I was a baby. I have over 500 books and have probably 10 big boxes full of books and still have many left unpacked. I want to take lots of books and dvds with me so when I am not working, I can relax at home and unwind.

There is something going on right now that some of you know about (Edwards thing). I don't want to discuss it publicly but I might have an announcement to make soon and I am hoping beyond hope that I can make that announcement on Monday or Tuesday. For those of you who pray, pray that I can make this announcement!

Sorry my blogging is light and non-political. For the next little while, expect nothing more. Moving in a week is very difficult to do! If anyone is in Pocatello, look for white/pink moving sale signs for my moving sale on 5th Ave.


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