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I am a big fan of Rosie O'Donnell. Always have been and always will be. I recorded The View everyday while she was on. I think she is one of the most remarkable human beings out there.

I watched the E! True Hollywood story of her and got choked up when it was revealed that Rosie barely missed the Forbes 100 richest celebrities list a few years ago (2001?) because she had given over $50 million dollars to charity. Had she kept more of her money, she would've made the list. Another fan of hers saw this and wrote to her on her blog (she has a blog and a section where you can ask questions ). This person wrote that she had seen how Rosie didn't make the list. Rosie responded with something similar to this. " I told my people that if I ever make such a list, they are fired. Give it away."

Anyways, so I am a frequent visitor to Rosie's website. I have asked her questions many a time without a response-she gets thousands of questions a day. Today, I was elated to see that my "question" was the first one posted with a response:

ask ro

Posted by ro on June 16th at 2:25pm in ask ro
jessica writes:

“God does not require that I succeed. Only that I do what I can.” Mother Theresa. Thank you for doing what you can. love you.


I got an "amen"!!! Just wanted to share the good news!


Congrats. Any word on what she's going to do now?

She would love to host The Price Is Right and Barker endorsed her as a choice, but who knows. According to what Rosie says, she has a lot of offers for a wide variety of things. It will be interesting.

She got really into giving her political viewpoint and I think she would love an outlet that would allow her that freedom.

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