When Dreams Become Realized.  

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How do you know when a dream has become realized? Is it that first moment you realize what the dream is? Even just the basic idea? Or could it be when the day arrives that you realize you could actually live your dream? Standing on the edge of one of the most pivotal moments in your life is scary and exhilarating. I have never experienced anything like this.

I spent a lot of today asking myself if I was ready to leave "all of this." The life I have built up in Idaho. The name I have made for myself. The friendships created and developed. I realized that somewhere, during the midst of my time in Pocatello, I fell in love with Idaho. But Idaho is limiting. The dream career I have desired can never be experienced here, at least not for a while and certainly not while I am a Democrat.

Am I willing to put a dream on hold because I don't want to leave my friends? Am I willing to sit on the sidelines of life while life altering opportunities pass me by? Can I do what Camus recommended and "live to the point of tears." And not just sad tears, but tears like the ones that fell when I met John Kerry in Twin Falls in 2004. Will I be able to trust that the friendships I developed are strong enough to survive long distances?

This week there have been a lot of questions, a lot of wondering, and a lot of second guessing. I don't know what the future holds, but I do know I am tired of sitting on the sidelines and watching the great game and being nothing but a spectator. I wanna play.



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