First time at Church here...  

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Found the ward that I am in, a single adult ward. Wow, it is a huge ward. Introduced myself to a member of the bishopric-pretty sure not the bishop since he introduced himself as "Brother" so and so and not "Bishop" so and so.

He was really nice but his niceness disappeared a little when he asked me what my job was in Las Vegas. I KISS (keep it simple stupid) with people, especially at Church, because I really have no desire to engage in debates with people at Church, but he kept pressing for information.

He remarked, "so you want everyone out of Iraq." Uh, yes, don't we all? Even those supportive of the war would prefer that our troops are home instead of in a country engaged in a civil war! Even my so non-political mom said it was a pretty dumbass remark.

Saturday I attended an event for Nevada Veterans who are Democrats. What an awesome group! It was said that while Republicans controlled the White House, House and Senate, $116 billion was cut from the Veteran's Administration, but since Democrats have taken control of the House and Senate, Democrats have restored $81 billion of that! That's my party, the party that supports the troops by funding them and not just through putting some yellow ribbon on their car.

I haven't really gotten into the gambling here. First of all, I only know how to play blackjack and not even well enough to gamble money on it. Second of all, I am broke. I do play the penny and nickel slots, but that is basically throwing money away so I keep it cheap. But last night I did win $6.41 on the penny slots!

It's still hot as hell here and you really have to keep drinking water throughout the day or you are in big trouble. I have taken some pictures which I will post later...


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