Larry Craig is an ASS!  

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Lewiston Morning Tribune letter to editor

Saturday, July 21, 2007
He just doodled

On July 17, I sat in the U.S. Senate gallery, watching as senators stayed up all night and debated whether we should bring our troops home from Iraq.

Sen. Larry Craig, R-Idaho, sat all alone. As other senators debated this life-or-death issue of war, Craig looked down and doodled on a small piece of paper the size of a coffee coaster.
He did this for at least a half hour, probably more, meticulously drawing some four-sided object and switching pens from time to time.

It seems to me that a senator from Idaho should have been engaged by the debate, using every waking minute to think about Lewiston resident Luke Wullenwaber and others among the 27 Idaho residents who have died in Iraq.

But Craig doodled away, oblivious to the realities of this war.
Craig then voted against ending the war. Adding insult to injury, Craig voted earlier against a Democratic plan to give troops one year at home for every year in Iraq.

As Craig comes up for re-election in 2008, I'm curious. Is someone who doodles against the troops the best person to represent Idaho in the U.S. Senate?

Adam Green
Washington, D.C.


MountainGoat had an interesting tidbit about this a little while ago, with a link to a post on Kos by this guy. He said he wrote letters to every Idaho paper he could find.

If Craig decides to run for reelection, the video of him doodling could be a great campaign commercial.

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