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John Edwards happened yesterday at the University of New Hampshire. I was able to attend and was placed on the front row (even though I had 2 Iraq War Wrong Way stickers on and a Code Pink, Women for Peace t-shirt). I am in a lot of the camera shots and some of the others in the audience put on some of the Iraq War Wrong Way stickers that make it into some of the camera shots. One of the students who asked a question had a sticker on but the camera shot is such that you can't read the sticker-LAME, but I understand.

After the event, a few of us talked to one of the MTV VJ's and he mentioned my sticker and asked me about the war. I will try to see if that footage is online somewhere and if so, post it here, but don't count on it, I am sure it ended up on the cutting room floor.

It was fun being at this event and feeling like a college student again. Can I be young forever? Please?

I am anxious to see the other candidates participate in this forum through MTV/Myspace. Edwards was the first, and as such, at a great disadvantage. But he did well, though his answers were a bit too long. The students at UNH were very perceptive and got what attracts people to Edwards-he is real, genuine, and he cares.

If you want to watch this (MTV has cut it up into several segments) you can go here. Look for me in the first row in a pink shirt, sitting in between two students wearing black, so I am easy to spot.


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