The state of my blog and whether I endorse.  

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My page hits/views is not where I would like it to be. Not that I blame anyone who gets annoyed with my sometimes infrequent blogging. I think leaving Idaho also caused me to lose some readers. I am still listed under leftyblogs as being an Idaho blog, though that isn't entirely accurate. I haven't cut very many Idaho ties and my interest in local politics is still very strong, but I understand why some Idaho readers have left. I am hesitant to list this blog under any other state because when I do blog about local politics, it will be about Idaho and sometimes New Hampshire.

On a different note, let me tell you how I have been struggling with whether or not I want to publicly, as just a blogger, endorse a presidential candidate. I think many of you know who my #1 choice is, but I still love all of the others and want to be able to write about the 2008 race without appearing too biased, though I admit some bias.

So for now, I will not endorse and I will come up with some way(s) to increase my page hits/views!


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