Merry Christmas from New England!  

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Since I arrived on my mini vaca, the weather has been close to 50 degrees and sunny! As much as I was hoping for a White Christmas, the warmer weather is a nice change from the bitter cold of New Hampshire.

Today I drove from Seekonk through Portsmouth (not to be confused with Portsmouth, New Hampshire) to Newport, then to Goat Island, Jamestown, and through Providence back to Seekonk. It was gorgeous and I crossed a lot of bridges, which is always a little scary for me.
It was fun but I couldn't find one place of business open, which isn't a big shock, but I thought I would find one restaurant open, but nope.

Tomorrow I head back to New Hampshire and back to full working. My time in New Hampshire is wrapping up, so I hope to take advantage of the next 2 weeks.


Merry Christmas Jessica! We missed you this year. Love the picture with Obama! Hopefully that made it all worthwhile. Maybe you can come home for a visit when things slow down in February.

Merry Christmas! Hope you had a great holiday.

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