Oprah and Obama in New Hampshire! (pictures)  

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As I'm sure you all know, New Hampshire was privileged with a visit from the one and only Oprah Winfrey and Presidential hopeful, Barack Obama. Being the lucky and blessed person that I am, I was able to snag a ticket before they were all gone. Although I am voting for John Edwards, I try to still catch other candidates when they have appearances in this state because I like all of the Democrats and am trying to take advantage of the wonderful opportunity I have to see them.

So it has been with much anticipation that I have waited to go to this event, though I was most excited to see Oprah since I love and adore her and she is a personal hero of mine.

The doors to the Verizon Arena were to open at 6pm for a 7:30pm start time. I arrived at about 3:15 and was towards the front of the line. People were excited for Oprah and Obama and by the time 5:00pm rolled around, thousands of people were congregated outside waiting for the doors to open to get the closest possible seat!

Doors opened, madness ensued as people navigated the arena securing seats. The Governor of New Hampshire, a Democrat, who is not endorsing in the Primary, came out and spoke for a few moments, then Michelle Obama, an impressive woman, came out and the crowd cheered! Her speech was relatively short and nothing noteworthy was said and then she introduced Oprah and the place erupted!

It was surreal being in the same room as Oprah, and really only being less than 100 feet away. She has a larger than life presence and spoke with power and conviction as she detailed why she was coming out of the box (meaning tv box) to endorse a candidate now. She stated that now is the time we need Barack, that he is the one who can bring our country together and lead the United States back to where we could and should be. It was a moving speech and one could tell and feel that her support of Barack is profound and meaningful.

She introduced Obama who rose to the occasion with a passionate speech explaining the need for change and all that can be changed. He spoke of offering health insurance to every American, ending the war, engaging in dialogue with our enemies, and more. Being in the crowd, it felt as if the crowd was loudest when he spoke of the need to end the war.

It was a powerful evening and I will be proud to support Barack Obama if he gets the nomination. If you would like to read more about the event, check out the blog at Obama's website here and look for video of the event, as I highly recommend seeing it!


Looks like you got pretty good seats!! Awesome!!

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