Too much to say, little desire to write.  

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There is so much I could've written about the last few days, but I couldn't just get myself to write anything down. I saw Obama again, which I will post about later today (got a hug from him). We got a big storm, which I used as an excuse to not drive to go see Hillary and Bill Clinton (they were doing an event over an hour away). I was going to see Hillary yesterday but my sleep schedule is way off and I overslept.

I pretty much finished my Christmas shopping today. Shipped my mom, step-dad, and brother's gifts via UPS. They wanted $87 to do 5 day shipping. Ugh. I went with ground for $13.09. I plan on sending another package soon with some other things.

Tonight I bought my step-mom a box of chocolates made by a local candy store, some New Hampshire maple syrup, and two books for my dad (including a New Hampshire book), as well as some New Hampshire salt water taffy. Rather than buy typical gifts, I am trying to take advantage of my current location by sending yummy gifts. In fact, today I sampled some Vermont cheddar cheese and would love to ship some home. I should really look into that--shipping home a refrigerated item.

I'll be heading to Seekonk, Mass. on Sunday evening. I was hoping to stay right in Providence, RI, but I couldn't find something cheap enough, so I am about 5 miles away in Providence. I'll be there until the 26th and am hoping to make a trip to Connecticut.


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