Greetings from Texas!  

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I'm back in the Lone Star state. Gorgeous weather here in Lubbock, but if I never come here again, it will be too soon. I was pleasantly surprised this morning to board my flight with the "Elite Access" group and this was because my ticket was a full fare and I am a frequent flyer with Continental, so they give you that elite access for full fare.

I just really like Continental and am always glad when I see that I've been booked on Continental vs. the HORRID US Airways. Those are the two main airlines I fly. Sometimes I fly a Delta or United, but usually its Continental or US Airways.

I booked my flights for my trip home. I'll be flying into Boise on April 30th!!! My step-dad will pick me up en route to Pocatello where we will clean out my storage unit and take all my stuff to Seattle. I am not only stoked to see all of my belongings, but to see my family, friends, and my pets!!! I'll be flying United into Boise and then Continental from Seattle to D.C. It was surprisingly cheap to do two one way tickets vs a regular round trip. I was only able to get 6 days off and we figured it would be best to maximize my time and not fly me into Seattle wherein I would have to drive to Idaho.


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