The hunt continues. Did I mention that I hate hunting?  

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Sigh. So I've applied to several jobs and it's really frustrating how time consuming it is just to apply to a job. Not only should your cover letter and resume be tailored to each job you apply to, but when you email those out, you should even have a mini cover letter in the email body. And then I'm all confused because most of the jobs I'm applying to ask for no phone calls or faxes and so I email them my stuff. Do I follow up with an email a week or so later? I'm not usually emailing these to specific people because a specific person isn't listed. The whole thing is just really annoying.

The good thing is that I'm realizing how valuable my background is in qualitative and quantitative methodology is. In fact, I wish I had some of my books here so I can refresh my knowledge.

I've discovered I get bad writer's block on my cover letters. The worst part is my intro. I want it to be exciting enough to catch their interest, but nothing crazy or weird. I'm also having a hard time summarizing how awesome I am. I kid. But really, summarizing 7 years of college, 5 years of work experience and several skills I've gained from school and work can be challenging.

So that's the challenge. I'm thinking I might head to Border's tomorrow to get out of the house and work a little on job applications. I'm getting bored here at home...


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