To use my COBRA or not, that is the question.  

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On June 30th, my health insurance coverage will end, unless I elect to use COBRA and spend 25% of my unemployment $$$ on the coverage. So, I wanted to go see my doctor one last time. I was assuming she'd give me some muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatories because I'm still having pain from my car accident that happened a few months ago when I was rear-ended on I-5.

Well, I was wrong. She ordered bloodwork to see if I have any vitamin deficiencies (I bet I do), then wanted a urine sample, then ordered an MRI, and said I need more physical therapy, and last but not least, referred me to a Neurologist. I'm thinking my doctor didn't quite get that I won't have insurance to cover all of the aforementioned after Monday, and there is no way I can squeeze all of that in by Monday, unless I use my COBRA to continue my coverage, which I kinda feel I need to now. Did I mention how I despise needles?

The last time I had blood drawn, I nearly passed out. It wasn't just because they took 9 vials, it was just the fact that I am scared to death of those damn needles and if you've seen my arms, you know getting a vein can be quite the challenge. And they use the baby needles, so it takes forever.

So I was somewhat relieved when the Phlebotomist acted pretty confident in her ability to get a vein. Yet, she picked the right arm. RED FLAG #1. Red Flag #2, #3, and #4 were the successive attempts in that arm she tried to get a vein. Finally, finally, she moved to the other arm, the arm that has been used for iv sites and bloodwork the last several times, all successfully. Yet, it took her a few more tries to finally get a vein. She then asked, "does your blood move slowly?" I don't freaking know, but clearly it does since it's taking 2 hours to get 4 vials. The vein she got finally gave out and she couldn't even fill the last vial. Thankfully the torture was over and I thought that a day that was supposed to be hopeful has turned out pretty freaking shitty until I checked my Facebook and saw I had a message.

To be continued...


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It's always seemed to me to be a little silly companies offer employees COBRA. You said it by stating it'll take 25% of your unemployment. I assume that's for one month...?

Yep, one month!

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