Auto Insurance Rates in Washington=EXPENSIVE As Hell.  

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So my auto insurance provider for the last year has been Geico. I've been pleasantly surprised with them and they have not only given me a very competitive rate, but superb service. A few days ago I logged onto my account and updated my address to my address in Washington State. I didn't expect a rate increase, maybe a small one because I would be using my car, but nothing dramatic. Boy was I wrong.

My auto insurance premium has doubled. Yes, doubled. With no change in coverage, the increase in mileage providing only a minimal effect, my monthly premium will now be well over $100 a month. I don't have a clean record, but I do maintain a premier status with Geico and apparently the reason for the big increase is the fact that I am moving to Washington.

I did some googling and one random person said that she was told that 40% of drivers in Washington are uninsured. If I'm paying up the ying yang because of moron drivers who can't cut their spending on booze, drugs, or cigs to pay their premium, that's truly pathetic and I'd like to give a big middle finger to those uninsured drivers. YOU are the reason so many of us see increases like this. Yes, the insurance industry as a whole leaves much to be desired and so often their actions border criminal behavior, but I can't blame them solely for this mess. Other people posting about the high rates have experienced the same thing, even when moving from California!

A little less than a year from now I'll be a year older and my one traffic infraction will drop off and my rate might drop just a bit, but until then I'll be paying at least $50 more a month because apparently it's more dangerous to drive in Federal Way, Washington rather than the Washington, D.C. area, it really makes little sense.


The insurance rates in Washington is as high as hell. Just we need to wait for the reduction in price for insurance.

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