The Seattleite Continues Mulling a Return to Seattle.  

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So I've continued mulling over whether I want to step up my job search and return to Seattle. I've felt very torn over the decision, but I feel that my growing desire to settle down somewhere will only increase as the weeks and months pass by. I'm in a financial position where I can afford to drive back to Seattle (with gas prices this will be an expensive drive) and take a little bit longer to get back, unless I get a job offer relatively soon.

It's a 41+ hour drive, and I'll be driving through 2 states I've never been to (North Dakota and Wisconsin) and I would like to hit South Dakota, if it's not too far out of the way (leaving only Alaska and Oklahoma as the only two states I haven't seen). I am hoping to do about 8-10 hours a day, making it a 4 day trip, but also take some time to smell the roses so maybe another day or two? I will also be going through Billings, Montana, and one of my good friends is from there and I would love to see her parents and the remodeling they've done to their house. I would also love to spend some time in Coeur d'Alene.

Call me tacky, but I kinda want to put a donation form on this blog in case anyone is inclined to donate a bit of money for me if I do make the drive. I can reward said donations with lots of pretty pics of the journey and updates along the way!

When I drove from Vegas to New Hampshire, I slept in my car, except one night when I was in Nebraska and my friend Noah let me stay at his place and I got his big king sized bed all to myself!!! Thanks, Noah! So, I really want to treat myself and stay in motels on the way.

The way things are looking is that I will stay in DC for the next few weeks as I've already paid the rent for this month and I can continue applying for jobs in Seattle and do some of the touristy things I've never had time for.

Today I'm taking my car to get everything checked over, fluids replaced, maybe new tires, whatever is needed to make her run good. Fingers crossed for a small bill. She was a champ on my first cross-country trip and I'm hoping she continues if I make the drive back.

Lastly, I'm thinking of heading to the national mall for fireworks on the 4th. I'll be alone, but that's ok.


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