The Convention-Bittersweet  

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Watching the convention this year from Seattle will be extremely bittersweet. I watch with envy as some of my dearest professional mentors are in Denver soaking it all up. I had the opportunity to go to Denver, for free, but I turned down the job that would've brought me there. 

When I think about it, I begin to feel regret that I did turn down this job, a job that could've catapulted me into a professional stratosphere I can't even comprehend, but then I realize that it just didn't feel right. Maybe I made the wrong decision, but I am perfectly content with where I am. I was tired of being a nomad, even though I was somewhat settled in D.C. 

I can't settle down here in Seattle until I have a stable job. My job, as it stands right now, ends in November. Applying to job is exhausting and frustrating. I just wish I had employment lined up post November. sigh. 


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