I Could Feel It In My Bones  

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So we all know that John Edwards admitted to the affair and claimed the baby isn't his and that the affair ended in 2006. Unfortunately, we don't know if that is true. I would like to believe that he is now telling the truth, but his word just doesn't mean much. It takes time to build up trust that has been lost, and it takes a lot longer when it's a politician who has told a huge lie to the public and himself.

This is all very sad. Many of my good friends were huge John Edwards supporters. What he has done has not only caused harm to himself and his family, but to his loyal staffers and supporters. We donated money, time, energy, and heart into his campaign. I still believe that he would've been a fine President, but winning after this bombshell would've been difficult, though McCain has done just as bad. I am trying to separate the man and his message from his mistakes, but it's difficult. It was a continuous mistake and a grave one that has no excuse.

I believe in redemption. It's why I was able to support him with his past centrist stances and voting record while in the Senate. I am not perfect and I have made terrible mistakes, and I must afford other people the same and the time to make up for those mistakes.

I am glad he is under intense fire and scrutiny. He needs to feel the consequences of what he's done. Unfortunately it hurts his family and especially his wife, whose time on earth is now uncertain, but most likely shorter than it should be. By dealing with this, her time is being taken away from time that should be spent with her children, especially her two young kids, Jack and Emma Claire.

Now I wait, to see what else will come of this story, and I thank God, for the first time in my life, that John Edwards is not the Democratic Nominee for President.


Jessica, I thought of you and some other early and avid Edwards supporters as soon as I heard the news Friday. This is a very well-written post, and I agree with what you have to say.

I hope John Edwards will take some time away from public life to help heal his family and that years - not months - from now, he will be able to resume his work against poverty. It's always been hard for many people to take Edwards as seriously as his message demanded, and this will make it harder. But the cause he championed will not go away, and his advocacy may someday still make a difference, after he has had time to seek the redemption of which you wrote.

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