Stop the hatin'.  

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I've been watching with both interest and nervousness as a good friend of mine blogged about Obama winning (the comment section went crazy!). Some of my friends are Republican and they haven't been very happy about Obama winning (BIGTIME!). I've tried to put myself in their shoes.

I have been one of the most apprehensive supporters of Obama. Don't believe me? Check my blog archives or look at my Facebook history. I just refused to buy into the Obama mania. But I became inspired at what he was able to do. What he did is make people believe again. He gave people hope. People believed that they had a voice again. That they counted. That they could do something to better our country. How could I then complain or look with disdain at what Obama had helped create and inspire? I couldn't.

Like him or not, like his policies or not, what he has done is unprecented in our time. We haven't had a leader like him since Martin Luther King Jr. and JFK. You don't have to agree with his policies to agree that his mantra of "YES WE CAN" can be applied to all kinds of service and work. Let's use this opportunity to come together and fix the broken system and a broken Washington (D.C.).



I just don't know what Republicans are worried about's not like Obama can shock the country with unprecedented support for an offense against humanity, like Bush did with torture.

Aw, but he'll raise taxes on rich people!!!

I heart you, Sara. I'm so glad we are friends and talk via Facebook!

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