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Many of you, I'm sure, have already voted. To those who haven't, allow me to give you some recommendations.

Obama (must I give an explanation???) Aren't we tired of the direction this country is headed? Aren't we tired of endless war? Endless war that costs $10 billion dollars a month? Are ready to usher in a new era? An era where we work with our allies, where our government works for the people and not corporations, where we can tackle our problems with solutions that don't hurt the middle class?

Gregoire. I'm sorry but Dino Rossi doesn't support open and transparent government. He despises openness and he despises Democrats. We need a Governor who works with both sides. Gov. Gregoire has won awards for her managerial skills and this state, though not in great shape, is one of only 10 states that has a surplus.

Peter Goldmark (Lands Commissioner). The Republican, Sutherland, is a perv and sexually harassed an employee. Not to mention he is way too cozy with the special interests he is supposed to help regulate!!! That is NOT GOOD.

Carol Gregory in Federal Way. I love love love Carol Gregory and Skip Priest has been around far too long. While he is a moderate Republican, we need change and someone who has a better grasp on educational issues. Gregory is a former teacher and understands education.

Randy Dorn for Superintendent of Public Instruction. I don't like the WASL, you don't like the WASL, no one likes the WASL, except Terry Bergeson. Time for Randy.

No on 985. Sounds good but takes money from the general fund to pay for unspecified road projects, which is NOT GOOD.

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