Today is a Great Day!  

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Hillary Clinton will soon be named Secretary of State and though I would rather have her be my Vice-President, I can live with SoS. I am just eating up some of these Obama staff announcements. It's so refreshing to have intelligent people that will be running our Federal Government again.

Today is also a great day because I finally got back up on that job searching horse and submitted some resumes and cover letters to some great places. The job market is just flooded with the unemployed and so it will be interesting to see what type of progress I have. Unfortunately, getting a job has a lot to do with who you know, not necessarily what you know, and most of my contacts are in Idaho, Vegas, New Hampshire, or DC, and not Seattle.

I am really digging my idea of creating a website with some information on candidate/campaign tracking. There is a huge lack of information out there and I have lots I could share with those novice trackers and campaigns who need help with their tracking program.

As you might know, I have views of downtown Seattle and Lake Union and I've noticed that often times when I look outside, I don't see any lights. Sometimes it startles me and I think the power went out out there and then I remember how much fog this area gets. I've missed fog. NEW HAMPSHIRE got some decent fog, but Seattle gets way more fog. It's nice.


greetings from a transplanted seattalite living in wisconsin for the past 10 years..miss the salt a politico myself and looking forward to reading your blog..any comments on the governor there now and the right wing radio kvi stuff?

Thanks for visiting! I will definitely blog about Gov Gregoire. I don't pay much attention to the local right wing radio.

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