Socialism, Marxism, Communism and Liberalism.  

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I'm getting really tired of people, namely some Republicans, decrying our supposed move towards Socialism, or my personal favorite, Marxism. I taught several graduate level classes on Marxist theory and it's pretty heavy stuff and so I kindly ask that you not complain about Socialism or Marxism unless you can define what the aforementioned terms mean.

I mean, seriously, do we need to go over our "Socialist" Social Security system, Medicare, or Medicaid? How many of you were on Medicaid or WIC when you were pregnant? What about our Socialist fire and police departments? Let's just buy ginormous hoses and put out our own fires. Who needs them? Who needs the cops? Let the rapists, child molesters, and murderers police themselves.

Obama isn't even President yet and I am already getting bombarded with nutty emails crying apocalypse. Why do I have a feeling that Obama will be the scapegoat for everything? And the worst President in the history of the United States won't get the credit he deserves for SCREWING UP OUR COUNTRY by making a mockery of our Constitution, by allowing the torture of human beings, by reducing regulations that have led to the worst financial crisis we've faced since the Great Depression.

GWB got us into an endless unwinnable war, he has stripped many of our rights and liberties through the Patriot Act, he has put corporate interests ahead of regular people interests time and time again.

Far too many people still view GWB as some godsend, as some hero. I just don't get it. Do you not see what him, his cronies, and his policies have led to? Do you support torture? Do you support attacking a county that poses no immediate threat to us and invading them and staying there while 1,000,000 people die? Do you support the removal of our Constitutional rights through the Patriot Act and warrantless wiretapping and other illegal and immoral actions? Do you support the disenfranchisement of voters? Do you support the lack of regulations that have given us dirtier air and water, the recession we are now in, the hideous housing crisis? Aren't you tired of what has been taking place the last 8 years? Aren't you ready for something different?

Many Republicans sit there and decry "liberal" politics while they sat there and did nothing over the last 8 years. They throw out scary words like "liberal", "Marxism", "Socialism", "Communism" and most of them cannot even differentiate those terms and cannot even define them! They sit there and enjoy our roads, libraries, parks, public schools, public services, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, WIC and then whine about paying taxes and how we are becoming a Socialist country. Give me a freaking break. Give Obama a chance and get to know a little thing I like to call a dictionary.

Still think I'm a nut for thinking Republicans aren't hypocrites? Look at this:
If you can't read this, go here for the website.


Its that mentality that believs in teaching the "three r s" and then thinks liberal in a three letter word.
By the way I recall after the coup in chile when a female student was abducted by the army and branded with a hamer and scicle on the face because she studied marxist leninoisim at the university of santiago. Perhaps the same jingoist would like to do the same to the rest of us today?

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