I Done Got Caught.  

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Wow, out of the thousands, maybe millions of people who manage to get thru customs with their undeclared items, Cuban cigars, drugs, suitcases of liquor, and way too many cartons of cigarettes, I got caught bringing in undeclared jewelry. So lame, but I should've been honest and declared it. Anytime I enter the country now, I am on some list where I'll be searched. Oh joy. 

The Customs lady who searched my bags was nice, but her supervisor nailed me with the highest fine they could get. I have a sneaking suspicion it had nothing to do with jewelry and everything to do with the agency bringing in as much bank as possible. So lame. 

On one hand, I totally get what they are trying to do. But on another hand, I think once they realize the person brought in some stinking jewelry and nothing harmful, they should ease up.

On yet another hand, how many stories have I read today about people who got caught with stuff but were let go. Really, about 90-95% of people were waved through customs, yet I spend 2 hours having my luggage torn apart and I didn't get to see the Everglades and Carnival threw a fit when I asked for a refund. So lame. 

Let me also say that out of all of the people in the Customs room, there were an awful lot of people of color in that room. Just sayin'...So lame. 

I mean really, if you have jewelry and they can't find receipts, they can't prove you bought it on your trip. They make it really easy to get away with this, but I received bad advice telling me they don't search for receipts and they won't go through all of your luggage (wrong and wrong). 

The moral of the story is be honest or mail your receipts home before you get to Customs. 


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