Yellowstone and Glacier Here I Come!  

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Regular readers of my blog will remember my trip across the country 11 months ago. I drove from Maryland to Seattle over a period of 10 days or so, with about 60 hours of drive time. It was long, tiresome, but amazing! The definite highlight of the trip was seeing some of my besties (Diana and Chris) in Yellowstone. They are devoted friends who drove from Pocatello to Yellowstone to spend a few days with me.

I fell in love with Yellowstone and saw most of it (I just missed the northwestern part). I drove around the entire park about 1 1/2 times. It is beautiful and I will never forget falling asleep in the tent, with the mesh top and seeing that many stars. I am serious, you cannot even imagine how many stars you see. After I spent some very productive time in Yellowstone, I vowed to return. And by the time I return, it will have been about a year since I last saw it-I am hooked!

This time, instead of camping at the campsite nearest the western entrance from Idaho, we (a few friends and I) are hoping to stay near the lake. We are going to add in some hiking and I cannot wait to eat some of that bison chili I had there last year!

After Yellowstone, we will head to Glacier National Park in Montana. I have only seen pictures but it looks INCREDIBLE (go here for some pics).

On this 4th of July holiday our country celebrates, we celebrate our freedom and our country, but I also celebrate the beauty of our country. I've been to almost every state (still missing Oklahoma, North Dakota, and Alaska) and I can attest to the fact that every state is beautiful; some more than others. lol.

I encourage you to get out and explore this country because life is short and we should make each day count.

And if you have any suggestions for Yellowstone and Glacier, post in the comments!


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