Alright, time to whine  

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Well, I think I have ticked off most of the readers at the BYU-Idaho Dems blog because I keep whining about Tom Luna winning the election. SORRY! Now that I have apologized, let the whining recommence!

My perspective on the race for Superintendent has been different than most. Since my major is public administration, I have a slight obsession with public administration. I have never just looked at the position as that of policymaker and one that works with the legislature on funding. Yes, those are imperative aspects of the position, but what the Superintendent is day in and day out, and first and foremost in my mind, is that of administrator.

When I picture the Superintendent, I picture them managing almost 150 employees. Hiring, firing, and all of the other personnel issues that accompany a management position, not just anyone can step into that role and lead an entire state department. I picture them being someone with a background, knowledge, and expertise that would give them an immediate and automatic respect from their subordinates. I picture them being a person the employees, or any teacher, principal, and superintendent in Idaho can go to with concerns and feeling confident knowing they can receive the help they seek in their leader.

Hopefully this explained how I view the position and in a roundabout way why I supported who I did and why I didn't support who I didn't support. While being vague, I just wanted to clarify my views without being too redundent and long-winded.


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