The Beginning?  

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I was born in Seattle and raised in the Seattle area. Being the good Mormon that I was, I moved to Rexburg, Idaho to attend Ricks College. I loved Ricks College so much I stayed there while it started transitioning to BYU-Idaho (Ricks was a two year college and when it started transitioning it started offering 4 year degrees). During my three years at Ricks/BYUI, I earned two Associate of Arts and Sciences degree's-one in Sociology and one in Social Work. I then decided to transfer to Idaho State University just a little over an hour south of Rexburg.

There is no logical reason as to why I transferred to ISU, though having my best friend so close by in Rexburg was a big motivator. I had been accepted to Eastern Washington, Washington State, and Boise State, but I felt compelled to go to ISU. When faced with the big decisions in life, I followed my gut, listened to my heart (insert own cheesy saying) and did everything in such a non-rational way, sometimes I am amazed I have accomplished anything!

I write as though I no longer make big decisions this way, but I do, and I can't see that ever changing. I have no regrets and there is no place I would rather be than in Pocatello, Idaho at this very moment.

As much as I love Seattle, Idaho is where I have met my best friends, it is where I started to believe in myself, it is where I started to heal from a "tragic past," and it is as much home as Seattle is and has been.


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